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Spencer, a Los Angeles native from Palos Verdes, joined Westpac Partners in 2022. Prior to that, Spencer focused on tenant representation accounts at Highland Partners where he worked with Pollo Campero, Randy’s Donuts, and Fast5Xpress Car Wash to name a few.

Spencer commenced his career at Epsteen & Associates where he spent 4 years becoming an expert in the Southern California territory and negotiating transactions on behalf of his clients. Spencer brings a wealth of knowledge and unique perspective with his understanding of the nuances of the retail landscape throughout Southern California. His strong work ethic, his passion to add value for his clients, and his ability to negotiate transaction are reasons that Spencer has become known as one of the top, up and coming brokers in the industry. Furthermore, he has developed a widespread network of professional relationships with landlords, brokers and developers. Spencer has established a strong book of business representing a multitude of regional and national brands and restaurants.

Prior to Spencer’s career in retail real estate, he played soccer professionally both domestically and overseas in Sweden. He excelled as a four-year Division I starter for California State University Fullerton where he was a Big West champion. His highly competitive nature, dedication and team-oriented mindset translates over into his career in retail real estate.

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